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Apr 07, 2005

/ a new frenzy for fine scotch

independent bottlings are all the rage among lovers of single malts, and there are hundreds of distinctive labels. you may think you know single-malt scotch — it's glenlivet and macallan and laphroaig and all that. maybe you're even into some obscure ones: dalwhinnie, edradour, allt-a-bhainne, bruichladdich.

what makes them single malts is that they're unblended whiskies, products of single distilleries. but if all you know are the versions bottled by the distilleries themselves, you know only part of the story. there's an alternate universe of scotch: the independent bottlers. they sell whisky from the same distillers, but in limited editions that have distinctive flavors of their own.

via los angeles times

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