Apr 23, 2005

/ scotch under threat from japan's new generation

scotland’s global dominance of the whisky industry is facing a hi-tech challenge from japanese distillers, an expert has warned. drinks writer michael jackson believes that scotch whisky producers cannot afford to "rest on their laurels". he argues that the japanese rise in whisky production echoes the challenge of new world wines to france’s traditional dominance. in 2001, a bottle of japanese yoichi single malt produced by nikka beat scottish and american rivals to win whisky magazine’s "best of the best" competition.

jackson's whisky the definitive world guide is published on apr 28.

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Apr 22, 2005

/ whisky goes dutch

on sunday 1st of may 2005 the official launch of the book the road to craigellachie, the book about the voyage of discovery through the world of scotch whisky, will take place in "the craigellachie hotel" speyside, scotland (during the speyside whisky festival). "the road to craigellachie" is published by lipstick publishing, insch, aberdeenshire, and written by mr. hans offringa the well known dutch author.

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Mar 06, 2005

/ an american whiskey tale

when celebrating, many of us raise a glass filled with jim beam bourbon whiskey. to find out more about this truly american liquor, you'll want to read "american still life: the jim beam story and the making of the world's number one bourbon" by wallkill author and liquor expert f. paul pacult.

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